Business Protection

When you are responsible for the future success of a business – either solely, or as part of a management team – it’s up to you to ensure that business opportunities are maximised and any threats to your business are minimised. There a number of ‘hidden’ risks that could have a lasting impact on the profits, stability and future of your business. These are the risks relating to the people who are essential to your business. The success of a business may often be more dependent on its ‘human’ assets than its physical ones. Business Protection is designed to help companies keep control of their business, maintain profit levels and safeguard loans.

  • What would happen to your shareholding if you as a partner or shareholder were to die?
  • What are the consequences of the death of one of your fellow Directors/Partners?
  • Would the company suffer if a Director/Key Person was absent due to ill health for a prolonged period?
  • Are you providing a suitable protection and pension package to attract and retain key employee’s?
The future success of every business is dependent on a few key people. A Keyperson is any “key” employee, director or consultant on whom the business depends for its continued success, or existence, and on whose death or serious illness the business could suffer from a major financial and operational impact. Putting Keyperson Insurance in place can help your business overcome the financial repercussions of losing a valued member of staff. The Keyperson policy will pay out a lump sum benefit to the business on the death or serious illness of an insured Keyperson. This lump sum benefit will compensate the business for any loss of profit or can be used to repay loans or recruit a suitable replacement.
A successful business depends on the close co-operation and experience of the directors. The unexpected death of one of the directors can have serious impacts on both the surviving directors and the family of the deceased. Normally the surviving directors would wish to buy back the shares from the family of the deceased but may not have the money available.

Co Directors Insurance gives the directors of a company the peace of mind that there will be money available to them on the death of a director to buy back his/her shareholding from his/her family, thereby maintaining their control of the company and ensuring the deceased successor does not have to become involved in the business.


Employees are the most important wealth-generating assets of any professional firm or company, and protecting them has long been recognised as being essential in business.

The benefits achieved under Group Risk cover are highly valued as they provide financial protection for employees and indeed for their families, yet they are relatively inexpensive for employers to insure. Employer sponsored schemes can give employees access to insured protection cover either at a reduced rate or free of charge as they are covered under one “Group” policy. Because of the nature of Group risk cover – cover is more readily available to any employee, given that each member rarely has to go through any medical underwriting. Often; No Medical questions are asked!

Pension Schemes

Providing benefits for employees for their retirement is an excellent way to reward and retain your staff and to demonstrate how much you value their long term commitment to your business. Today’s business environment presents both financial and legal challenges for employers looking to provide benefits for their employees. It has never been more important to ensure that you have the right company pension plan in place to provide the pension and protection benefits your employees need. All employers are legally obliged to provide employees with access to some form of pension provision. A Group Pension is an efficient way of doing this, providing excellent benefits to both employer and employee alike.

Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) is the tax charged when a gift or inheritance is received. CAT comprises two separate taxes – a Gift Tax payable on lifetime gifts and an Inheritance Tax payable on inheritances received on a death.

Certain reliefs and exemptions from Capital Acquisitions Tax apply to certain types of assets. These have been introduced over the years primarily to encourage private enterprise and to avoid the forced sale of a family farm, business or the family home in certain circumstances. We can help you formulate a concise financial plan tailored to meet your businesses goals and objectives.