Defence Companies to Profit

Markets have remained buoyant following a tumultuous month with the shocking events in Paris, and  the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey. It is estimated that the attacks in Paris will cost the French economy €2 billion. Russia have implemented a series of economic sanctions against Turkey. No doubt there will be further ripples […]

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It’s not all bad news

Following a week where we had to endure rugby failures, the loss Billie Walsh and the news of only 800 tickets for Ireland fans in Bosnia, we finally have something to get excited about,
The finance bill has been published!

Here are some of the key points :
• The current levels of specified income (guaranteed income for […]

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VW Scandal Spreading


Following the revelations that Volkswagen’s clean diesel image weren’t all they were cracked up to be, German newspaper Autobild has reported that BMW had broken EU pollution limits in a real world test, adding to fears that cheating on US emission tests may not be limited to Volkswagen. BMW’s shares fell by 5.4%. Sentiment was […]

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Chinese Growth Crumbling

China has seen the greatest currency devaluation in 20 years as the central bank opened a new front in its battle against the country’s slowing economic expansion. The yuan fell about 2% versus the dollar this week, dragging other currencies in the Asia Pacific region lower amid speculation that other central banks may engage in […]

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US warming up to Cuba.

Markets recovered somewhat this week following positive news on the Greek/EU deal, the Iran nuclear agreement and the softening of relations between the US and Cuba.

On the Greek deal Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has stated he doesn’t believe in the deal and that he only agreed to it with ‘a knife at my neck’. Greeks […]

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Ireland weathering Greek storm

There was no positive result over the weekend between Greece and its international creditors as negotiations deteriorated. The news that Greece will hold a referendum on a new austerity programme on Sunday July 5th means that the IMF will now not be paid the €1.5bn due on June 30th. Whilst not technically a default it […]

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Shaky markets rally after UK election results


The UK Elections have added a bit of colour to markets. Not that investors are fans, because elections invariably bring uncertainty – and markets hate uncertainty. Case in point the fun and games that preceded and have followed the election of the Syriza government in Greece. Defying the bookies, the UK electorate did not deliver […]

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Greece demands payment of German War Debt

In an unexpected move the Greek government has calculated that Germany owes it nearly €279 billion in war reparations for the Nazi occupation, the call from Athens has been disregarded by the German economic minister as nonsense, however the German opposition party feel that Berlin should repay a forced loan dating from the Nazi occupation, […]

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Biggest drop in house prices since 2012



Irish house prices fell by 1.3% in January and by 2.1% in Dublin – the sharpest declines since 2012. These falls are not too surprising. MyHome.ie reported asking prices on new instructions to sell declining by 2.3% in Q4. There are several explanations for weaker price trends. First, the end of capital gains tax exemptions […]

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Irish economy expanding faster than European counterparts


Data released this morning by the CSO stated that gross domestic product (GDP) in the third quarter of 2014 accelerated by 3.5 per cent year-on-year while gross national product (GNP) grew by 2.5 per cent. This growth rate has been driven by strong uplifts in trade performance and domestic demand. Whilst there has been only […]

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