I consider myself extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with Maurice early on in our lives. Financially preparing for my life ahead, in my early 20’s, was not on top of my list, other than to have a secure job with a few bob to enjoy the weekends.

Maurice, on the other hand, was directing my thoughts towards future planning. And quite simply this boiled down to setting aside monthly instalments for Pension, Savings, Medical and Serious Illness Benefit. At the time this meant very little to me. I was happy to support my pal in his new career but really didn’t give it a thought after that other than. Could I afford it. And of course I look back now and I’m adamant in saying that quite simply…..I couldn’t afford not to!

Over the years, Maurice, always up to date with the current financial benefits, would meet with me regularly to discuss my needs, ( and he still does ) always tweaking and driving forward my Benefit Plans, in order to maximise their potential but always to within my capacity. Without his expertise my family and I would not be in as secure a financial position as we are today.

It is wonderful to see the progression of Maurice’s son Mark in the Family Business. And as things evolve he now is looking after my children and their partner’s financial requirements.

We wish Maurice, Sue and Mark every success at Hedderman Financial and strongly advise those who have not sought their Financial Expertise….to do so!
Mark Shannon, Restaurant Owner – Foxrock

We have always received an excellent service from Hedderman Financial service. We have recommended them to so many family and friends, who all have had brilliant experiences also. The customer service is phenomenal and they give each client so much of their time. They are so easy to deal with, they came to our house, at a time that suited us. They sorted everything with such ease. No request was too much trouble. We just love the personal touch and the time they give you as a client.
Aine Fay B.Com Msc., Chartered Accountant

My business relationship with Maurice is coming up on thirty years – and not a blow struck yet! I want to thank Maurice for being in my corner throughout. His advice, some more willingly followed than others, have always proved sound. My speedy recovery from serious illness eight years ago is in no small measure attributable to the cover obtained through Maurice, which greatly alleviated any stress. I am grateful to him for his honest, impartial and efficient service throughout and have no hesitation in recommending his companies services to anyone.
John C. Walsh Dip. Env. Econ., Solicitor

I‘m delighted to recommend Hedderman Financial Solutions to you. I have known Maurice for most of my 30+ years in the industry and can vouch for his integrity and his commitment to putting his customers first. He is a former President of the Life Assurance Association and has been an advocate of strong education for advisors and excellence in communication to HFS client
Tom Barry, former Chief Executive of Canada Life